Misiano Skateparks 2018™

St Charles Youth Activities Park, St Louis MO

The re-build of the park is done!  26,500 sf of bowls, re-designed and re-built right over the old ones.  We changed some of the elements of the bowls, including adding pool coping in several areas, big 3" steel coping, and a lot of newer features like tombstones, steep banked wall, and the original St. Louis Arch wall.  We also took out spines where they messed the flow up in both bowls, creating pump bump island features in both bowls that are super fun to ride!  Open till 10pm nightly.  Helmet required.  Pads for young ones.  Fenced, Supervised.  45000 sf of awesome park!  2708 Highway N. Dardenne Prairie, MO.  Youth Activities Park.  

This 16000sf Snake Run is so much fun!  The original one had strange transition blends and a lot of harsh escalator kinks in the coping, plus it had draggy galvanized coping.  

The new one has bull nose pool coping in the deep end, 3" steel coping and rolled edges, custom parking curb coping on the big bank wall and rolled pump bumps throughout.  It's a super fun and progressive bowl and will draw people to the area to skate it!

The New Big bowl is so much fun.  It is 10 feet deep in the deepend and features Pool Block Copiing and a 6" Porcelain Tile line of Blue 2"x2" tiles.  The rumble strip.  The rest of the bowl varies from 8-6 feet deep, with 3" steel coping and a big rollin, where the spine used to block the flow of the old bowl.  Additionally, we raised up the low corner of the bowl, creating a solid lip line on the bowl side and a bonus spine transfer on the backside.  

Another bonus feature with pouring a new park 6" thick over an old park is the extras.  The Slappy Curb / Cross Walk Gap will be a popular area to hang out at while skating either bowl.  

Some of the bluecrew finish the detail work while the scooter and bike brigade look on in anticipation.  

Jason Binky approves.  Bluecrew member Jason is always posing for pictures.

Another view of the awesome new snake run, as the crew finishes the last caulk lines and painting.

Assistant Foreman, Chris Lynch checks out the bowl.  The flat is in!  

Hand-Painted coping is what separates a good job from a great job.  With the amount of wind in the Saint Louis area, crawling the distance was the only way to get the job done.    

Breaking ground in mid-August 2015, we are going to be building two new bowls in the existing bowls in the 12 year old St Charles Skatepark in St. Louis.  

The bowls were scheduled to be "repaired" but we convinced the county to go ahead and replace them with newer, more modern bowls, featuring pool coping and tile and bigger steel coping!!!

Our Saint Louis Crew, lead by Michelle Buck!

Left to Right: Chris Lynch, Michelle Buck, Bryan Bedwell, Adam McKee, Jeremy Smith

Fun is coming to Saint Louis!  Two all-new bowls built right inside of the old, worn out bowls.  Stay tuned...