Misiano Skateparks 2018™

NSB Skatepark Phase II Street Additions

New Smyrna Beach Skatepark is now 4 years old.  Since it's original phase of construction, we have been trying to get the city to add on more.  After not much success, we decided to take matters into our own hands.  We convinced the City Engineer to allow us to build on to the park, since we'd done the original build as the General Contractor.  We designed a plan (donated it) and pulled a permit (also donated).  We also got word out in the local paper that we were doing fund raising to add on to the park and that we needed volunteers to come forward and lend a hand.  

We fabricated and donated the hand rails and donated the steel edges, as well as about 2 weeks of labor, setting up and making forms.  Help came in from local parent Anthony Petracca and Tary Valle (NSB shop owner), along with a few local skaters.  When we were finally ready to pour, we brought in Misiano crew foreman, Drew Karkos to help with the pour. Area local Tony Walsh (part-time Team Pain), also worked on the pour, thanks to a generous donation from Anthony Petracca (his local employer) who paid Tony's wages to help out for the day.  Many other local parents and skaters showed up to help pour and of course to test out the new section.  

A last-minute surprise donation came in, when we went to Extreme Concrete, the local concrete plant, to pay our bill for the first 15 yards of concrete.  Extreme had already donated the pumping service, but someone (anonymous) came in and paid for all of the concrete that we had poured the day before.  Donations like this have fueled our desire to build more.  

More skatepark to come from the Community Donations Effort in NSB


 Misiano Skateparks 2013  (an NSB Community Effort)